About Me

‘Every thing you can imagine,
nature has already created’

Albert Einstein


Benedetta Setti, a venetian textile designer: she has been inspired by nature, by leaves, crossing of colours, butterflies, gorgeous flowers given by nature.

Art is concentrate nature and the whole of the collection is like a breath of oxygen and rejuvenating.

Among the concept of the collection there is also room for sweaters in printed cashmere matched to their pashmines and linen jersey t-shirts for a very original total look expressing an air of contemporary romanticism.

The imperative is to creat without destroying : go green.

The process

We work with the best italian supplier around Como area.
We work with factories that care about the environmental impact of our work, because they ensure a full water purification process after our printing activities.

The materials

We use natural fabrics as various kind of silk: chiffon, twille, creponne, cashmere and modal.

The design

The prints are exclusive and unique…